Alyonik Hrushow

Project Director
Tobacco Free Project
  Primary Areas of Expertise:
Second Hand Smoke
Policy Organization
Tobacco Cessation
Local Advocacy
Secondary Areas of Expertise:
Health Education
Population Speciality:
General Public
Secondary Speciality:
Since 1990, Ms. Alyonik Hrushow has been the Project Director for the San Francisco Department of Public Health’s Tobacco Free Project. Her project is a comprehensive tobacco control program that addresses 4 priority areas: (1) reducing exposure to second hand smoke,   (2) reducing availability of tobacco, (3) countering pro-tobacco influences and (4) promoting tobacco cessation services. Ms. Hrushow manages the project’s primarily environmental interventions such as policy and media advocacy. The environmental interventions are implemented by several funded Community Capacity Building projects, as well as the San Francisco Tobacco Free Coalition.Ms. Hrushow has played a major role in the successful advocacy and adoption of several local tobacco control ordinances and policies, starting with a ban on tobacco advertising on city and county property in 1992; smoke-free business establishments and restaurants (1994); ban on tobacco self-service displays (1996) and all cigarette vending machines (1997); ban on all outdoor tobacco advertising in 1998 (enforcement was suspended in 2001 following Lorillard Tobacco vs. Reilly Supreme court ruling);  San Francisco Employees Retirement Board’s divestment of pension funds from tobacco stocks (1998); San Francisco Board of Education’s policy prohibiting tobacco promotional items in San Francisco schools (1999); tobacco permit ordinance (2003); tobacco-free parks (2005); smoke free public transit stops and golf courses (2006); smoke-free taxis (2008); ban on free tobacco giveaways in bars (2008); and tobacco free pharmacies (2008).  Over the past two years she provided extensive technical assistance to the Coalition’s advocacy campaign for a comprehensive second hand smoke ordinance that expanded protection from second hand smoke in outdoor venues such as outdoor dining, building entryways, and service lines as well as closing a number of loopholes in existing law that allowed smoking in some enclosed areas.  The comprehensive ordinance was adopted in 2010.
Contact Information:
Alyonik Hrushow
Project Director
Tobacco Free Project
San Francisco Department of Public Health
30 Van Ness Avenue #2300
San Francisco, CA  94102
415 581-2447
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