J. Carlos Velazquez, B.Ed., M.A.

Senior Outreach Specialist
HMA Associates, Inc.
Primary Areas of Expertise:
Counter Marketing
Secondhand Smoke Reduction
Educational Materials Development
Social Media/Community Engagement
Social Marketing Campaigns
Building Social Capital
Secondary Areas of Expertise:
Community Organizing
Coalition Building
Health Disparities
Excise Tax Policies
Media Advocacy
Voluntary Policy Adoption
Population Speciality:
Latino, LSES, Youth, LGBT, African American, Rural Populations, Businesses, Health Care Professionals, Multi-unit Housing Residents, and Coalitions
Secondary Speciality:
General Public, Latino Population
As the Senior Outreach Specialist with HMA Associates in Washington DC, Mr. Velázquez is responsible for developing campaign partnerships within the public, private, and non-profit sectors. He has a successful record as a project director and evaluation specialist implementing tobacco control policies, interventions and social marketing campaigns.Mr. Velázquez has been applying social media strategies for the National Latino Tobacco Control Network and the CDC on tobacco control and influenza prevention, respectively.  He has developed a series of webinars to build the capacity of Latino-serving nonprofits and community clinics to use social media platforms for health messaging.
Mr. Velázquez is a pioneer advocate in tobacco control as he developed the first funded LGBT youth tobacco prevention in the US in Minneapolis. He has presented various workshops and given keynote speeches at state and national tobacco control conferences throughout the US on developing policies with communities of color against second hand smoke and increasing the excise tax on tobacco products.  His work at the Praxis Project was instrumental in providing guidance to the execution of tobacco policies in many major cities.Mr. Velázquez is bilingual in Spanish and English and has been in the health communications and policy field for 20 years with local and national organizations working with Latino and multicultural constituents.
Contact Information:
J. Carlos Velazquez, B.Ed., M.A.
Director of Multicultural Social Marketing
HMA Associates, Inc.
1101 17th Street, NW
Suite 1102
Washington, DC 20036
Tel. (202) 342-0676
Fax (202) 833-0086
Email: cvelazquez@hmaassociates.com
Website: www.hmaassociates.com
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