Yanira Arias

Program Director
Mi Casa Sana/My Healthy Home
Primary Areas of Expertise:
Smoking Cessation
Capacity Building
Community Organizing
Community Leadership
Secondary Areas of Expertise:
Local Advocacy
Policy Change
Population Speciality:
Latinos, Deep South
Secondary Speciality:
Since 2003, Yanira Arias has been working for the Latino Commission on AIDS, providing HIV prevention and health promotion to immigrant and non-immigrant Spanish-speaking Latino communities of faith in New York City.  In  2006 Yanira developed and implemented a new program “My Healthy Home” (Mi Casa Sana),an initiative that promotes smoking cessation and the reduction of exposure to secondary smoke among Spanish speaking Latinas. In addition to the smoking cessation efforts Yanira is currently working with the Latinos in the Deep South Project, as the Director of Community Organizing  a) To provide capacity-building services, and an on-going assessment of need (s) to Latino-serving agencies; and b) To develop community organizing and leadership to increasing the capacity of local leaders to affect policy change, resources for local advocacy and community building to confronting stigma and human rights violations in seven southern states referred to as the Deep South:  Alabama; Georgia; Louisiana; Mississippi; North Carolina; South Carolina; and Tennessee.Outside of the Commission Yanira is board member of the Venezuelan and American Lesbian and Gay Organization (VALGO), member of the National Executive Committee of Salvadoran American National Network (SANN) and she is also a member of the National Alliance of Latino and Caribbean Communities (NALACC). She graduated from the University of El Salvador in 1996, one of the top two Colleges in the country, with a focus in journalism. Yanira was born in San Salvador, the largest city of the nation of El Salvador.
Contact Information:
Yanira Arias
Program Director
Mi Casa Sana/My Healthy Home
Latino Commission on AIDS
24 West 25th Street, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10010
Direct Line: (646) 375-4505
Tel: (212) 675-3288 ext. 344
Fax (212) 675-3466
Email: yarias@latinoaids.org
Website: www.latinoaids.org
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