Five Year Strategic Plan

NLTCN’s strategic framework is modeled on the CDC’s best practices recommendations for the states. Priority areas discussed in this document include addressing the needs of Latinos based on the latest population estimates, the growth of Latino youth in specific states and counties and tobacco use prevalence data, meeting specific cessation needs of Latinos, and promoting private and public clean indoor air policies that protect Latino workers and families.

The Importance of Motivation

One of the easiest ways you can predict if someone is going to stick to never lighting up again is to examine the reason behind stopping in the first place. Whether it is an illness or a fear of contracting one, saving money or setting an example for somebody else, research suggests that a strong motivation can be the critical factor in quitting smoking for good. This form of motivation is known as “away from” motivation, i.e. something to move away from. Another type of motivation is “towards” motivation, or things to look forward to and that inspires you to keep your promises. These can be small incentives that keep you on your track. For example, for every week that you spend not smoking, allow yourself a little reward. You could perhaps play exciting games on online casino sites. By doing this, you are signaling your brain for a job well done, and those kinds of positive reinforcement are what is going to keep you smoke-free in the future. If you decide to go the online casino route, we have an excellent site from the United Kingdom, that on top of having many game choices, will offer you a welcome bonus, so you don’t have to spend a single penny. Remember that while you should be serious about removing the nasty habit of smoking from your life, you also need to acknowledge and celebrate the small successes no matter how silly it may look. This will help you to stay motivated in the long run.

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