Presentations & Webinars

Public Health Law Center Menthol
Diabetes and Tobacco: A Dangerous Combination








Addressing Social Justice in Tobacco Prevention & Control: The National Latino Tobacco Control Network
Presentacion Salud y Enermedad











Sobre el FDA y sus implicaciones en Puerto Rico
Hispanic/Latinos, Tobacco and Chronic Diseases








FDA Stakeholders Meeting on Disparities
Overview of Current Use of Menthol Cigarettes and Trends in Recent Years









Smoking and Infectious Disease







“Advocating for Policy Changes to Address Point-of-Sale Disparities.” Presentations from Betsy Brock, MPH, of The Association for Nonsmokers – Minnesota; Andrew Hyland, PhD, of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute; and Kurt Ribisl, PhD, of the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

“American Lung Association on smoking in LGBT communities & FDA on menthol and youth.”

“NLTCN webinar on engaging communities of color in social media for health (June 2010) & FDA webinar on information impacting retailers (May 2010) & National Partners webinar on the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.”

“Nuevas Regulaciones del FDA y sus implicaciones para las Comunidades Puertorriqueñas.” National Latino Tobacco Control Network.

“Sabemos- a Hispanic/Latino Community Anti-smoking Outreach Initiative.”

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