Press Releases

“Latino Health Leaders Encourage Smokers to “Talk With Your Doctor” For Help Quitting For Good.”

“The tobacco industry is winning again: study finds young adults, Latinos use flavored cigars more than other groups.”

“Tobacco industry spending to defeat California ballot initiative: an affront to communities of color.”

“Second Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Transsexual Health Summit: Stigma and its impact on the health of LGBTT communities.”

“Los Angeles Honors Scientist on World No Tobacco Day.”

“These New Ads Might Shock You— They Might Also Save Your Life And The Life Of A Loved One.”


“Campaña publicitaria revela la dura realidad de como impacta el tabaquismo y las enfermedades que conlleva en adultos y sus familiares.”


“Tobacco Industry Tactics are Succeeding with Latino Youth One of every two Latino high schoolers have smoked cigarettes.”

“Teens Swapping Cigarettes for Flavored Mini Cigars.”


“CDC’s National Networks Collaborate in Support Puerto Rico’s LGBT Community Events and Inclusion.”


“Media Alert – Aida McCammon Purpose Prize Fellow.”


“Media Alert – Town Hall Meeting on Menthol.”


“National Latino Leadership Highlight Impact of Health Care Reform on Latinos Living With HIV/AIDS Across the U.S. and its Territories.”


“Through a ‘Trojan Horse’ the tobacco industry enters Puerto Rico’s School System.”


“New Report Estimates More than 2 million Cases of Tobacco-related Cancers Diagnosed in the United States” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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