Fact Sheets

“Cigars, Cigarillos & Little Cigars Fact Sheet.” American Legacy Foundation.

“Hispanics and Smoking.” American Legacy Foundation.

“Mexico.” American Cancer Society/World Health Organization.

“Latinos/Hispanics and Second Hand Smoke.” Americans for Non-Smokers Rights.

“Tobacco Use and Cessation among Hispanic/Latinos.” California Hispanic/Latino Tobacco Education Partnership.

“LATINA SMOKING FACTS IN US & CA.” California Hispanic/Latino Tobacco Education Partnership.

“Women’s Health and Smoking.” Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids.

“Tobacco Use Among Youth.” Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids.

“Smoking and Other Drug Use.” Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids.

“Smoking Prevalence Among Women of Reproductive Age -United States.”  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Secondhand Smoke Facts: English.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Hispanics and Tobacco: Health, Prevalence, Cessation, Influence of Tobacco Industry.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Treating Tobacco Addiction.” City Health Information.

“Tobacco Cessation and Treatment: Spanish” Framework Convention Alliance for Tobacco Control.

“Datos sobre el uso de tabaco en Puerto Rico 2009.” Gobierno de Puerto Rico, Departamento de Salud, División de Control de Tabaco y Salud Oral.

“Secondhand Smoke Facts: Spanish.”  National Alliance for Hispanic Health.

“Tobacco Use Prevention Among Hispanics and Latinos.” National Association of Local Boards of Health.

“Smoke-Free San Antonio Brochure.” San Antonio.

“Indoor Concentrations of Nicotine in Low-Income, Multi-family Housing: Associations with Smoking Behaviors and Housing Characteristics.” Tobacco Control. August 2009

“Use of Flavored Cigarettes in MD.” University of Maryland.

“Use of Menthol Cigarettes in MD.” University of Maryland.

“Datos sobre el cancer relacionado con el Tabaco.” University of Southern California.
(Asian Pacific Partners for Empowerment, Advocacy & Leadership (APPEAL) and the Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program for ADEPT- Advocacy and Data dissemination to achieve Equity for Priority populations at the University of Southern California)

Courtesy of the Kaiser Family Foundation, this fact sheet highlights the impact of HIV/AIDS on Latinos in the United States, providing current data and trends over time.

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