Menthol Cigarettes

Menthol: putting the pieces together
Youn Ok Lee, Stanton A Glantz

Tobacco documents research methodology
Stacey J Anderson, Phyra M McCandless, Kim Klausner, Rachel Taketa, Valerie
B Yerger

Menthol cigarettes and smoking initiation: a tobacco industry perspective
Kim Klausner

Marketing of menthol cigarettes and consumer perceptions: a review of
tobacco industry documents
Stacey J Anderson

Menthol’s potential effects on nicotine dependence: a tobacco industry
Valerie B Yerger

Menthol sensory qualities and smoking topography: a review of tobacco
industry documents
Valerie B Yerger, Phyra M McCandless

Direct disease-inducing effects of menthol through the eyes of tobacco
M Victoria Salgado, Stanton A Glantz

Menthol cigarettes and smoking cessation behaviour: a review of tobacco
industry documents
Stacey J Anderson“New Studies Show an FDA Menthol Ban would benefit public health, garner broad public support.”

Overview of Current Use of Menthol Cigarettes and Trends in Recent Years
Ralph S. Caraballo, PhD, MPH
Valerie J. Rock, MPH
The Menthol Marketing Mix: Targeted Promotions For Focus Communities inthe United States

FDA Advisory Committee Concludes Removal of Menthol Cigarettes Would Benefit Public Health

Statement of American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, American Heart Association, American Lung Association and Campaign for Tobacco-Free KidsTo read the full report

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